Instructions and precautions for using insulated shoes

By Xinjiaxu Safety Shoes
On 13.04.10

Insulated shoes are safety shoes made of insulating materials. Do you know its usage instructions and precautions?


1. Insulated shoes are suitable to be worn as auxiliary safety equipment and protective equipment when working on electrical equipment with AC 50Hz and below 1000V or DC below 1500V . Workers use insulated leather shoes , which can be used with basic tools to touch live parts , and can be used to protect against  clicks caused by step voltage . Step voltage refers to : when electrical equipment is grounded , between two points of 0.8M in the direction of the maximum potential gradient of the ground the potential difference .

2. Be careful not to let this product get wet. It is strictly prohibited to use it after it gets wet . Once it gets wet , place it in a ventilated and cool place to dry naturally to avoid deformation and damage to the leather shoes . After the soles are punctured by foreign objects, they cannot be used as insulating leather shoes.

3. Pay attention to the leather surface maintenance of leather shoes and apply shoe polish frequently . The wiping method is : first wipe off the dust on the surface of the leather shoes with a clean soft cloth, then squeeze the shoe polish onto the cloth and apply it evenly on the shoe surface, wait for a while ( the shoe polish is slightly dry ) and then wipe.



4. Insulated shoes should not be worn in rainy days, and should not be washed, otherwise they are prone to disconnection, degumming, discoloration, salt frost, etc.

5. Insulating shoes should not come into contact with oil, acid, alkaline and sharp substances to prevent corrosion, deformation and damage .

6. When wearing colored leather shoes ( including white ) , you should pay special attention to avoid contact with sewage, dirt, tea stains, cola, etc., otherwise stains will be left and the original color of the leather shoes will be damaged.

7. It is normal for leather shoes to have slight wrinkles and slight deformation after wearing them .

8. Insulated shoes are prone to salt frost when they are exposed to moisture or foot sweat . If salt frost occurs, you can use gauze or cotton dipped in a small amount of warm water to wipe off the white salt frost on the shoes. Place the shoes in a ventilated place to dry, and then wipe them with shoe polish. Repeat several times to restore them to their original state. So keep your leather shoes dry.

9. When storing insulated shoes, the leather shoes should be kept clean, dry, well polished, and placed flat naturally : after storage for a period of time ( especially in the rainy season ) , the leather shoes should be ventilated , cool and dry frequently, and the shoe polish should be re-wiped to prevent mildew.


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